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Emerson introduces Rosemount CT5400 gas analyzer

Emerson introduces Rosemount CT5400 gas analyzer

July 27, 2016 -  Emerson has released the Rosemount CT5400 continuous gas analyzer. Combining the tunable diode laser (TDL) and quantum cascade laser (QCL) technologies within the same analyzer, the CT5400 uses a patented "laser chirp" to provide high-resolution spectroscopy to detect and identify a range of molecules in both the near and mid-infrared range of spectroscopic light with a range from sub ppm to percent levels.

The modular and scalable design of the CT5400 can incorporate up to six high-resolution laser modules and can detect, measure, and monitor up to 12 critical components simultaneously.

The CT5400 rack-mount analyzer is designed for process applications, DeNOX/SCR, ammonium nitrate precursors, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), and continuous ambient monitoring systems (CAMS). Sharing many of the same measurement principles as the recently released Rosemount CT5100 analyzer, which comes in a ruggedized Class 1 enclosure for hazardous area installations, the CT5400 is an alternative for plants with an existing shelter or safe area application.

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