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Empire Magnetics releases direct drive hollow-shaft motors

Empire Magnetics releases direct drive hollow-shaft motors

June 6, 2016–Empire Magnetics offers hollow-shafted motors for industrial processes, such as manufacturing fiber optic cable and designing radar antennas, robots, and high-speed laser scanner systems. Direct drive hollow motors are designed to increase speed and acceleration, while providing better accuracy and faster response times. (Mechanical drive arrangements add inertia to the system, resulting in greater power requirements for rapid moves and increasing settling time on positional moves. System weight may increase and positional errors such as backlash may occur.) In applications appropriate for direct drive hollow motors, the time of a move may be reduced by up to 80% (e.g. from approximately 50 milliseconds to less than 10 milliseconds).

To properly specify a direct drive hollow shaft motor, the design engineer needs to:  define the move profile that is desired, distance, move time, settling time, duty cycle and the inertia of anything the motor is moving. For continuous moves at a constant velocity like a laser system, the demands on the motor are typically easier unless this happens to be running in a vacuum where the scanner is on a satellite designed to map the surface of a planet. High repetition rate positional moves are sensitive to inertia matching and types of coupling, in addition to harmonic vibrations in the mounting structures.

Specific industrial automation processes where the production machine benefits from a hollow motor include: cable winding, coax cable wrapping, fiber optic depositions, optical systems (where rotating the optic with the beam on centerline is advantageous), custom linear actuators and space-constrained applications where coaxial mountings make a smaller package.  Additionally, Empire Magnetics provides hollow-shafted motors for extreme and challenging environments including: vacuum/space, waterproof/deep sea, radiation resistant and others.