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Endress+Hauser Releases Loading Metering Skids

Endress+Hauser Releases Loading Metering Skids

May 22, 2015—Endress+Hauser introduces the Loading Metering Skid (LMS), a certified solution for custody transfer of light hydrocarbons including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and marine gas to and from tanker trucks, railcars and ships.

The skid includes a Promass Coriolis mass flow meter, batch controller, grounding system, temperature sensor, digital start-stop valve, Y-strainer, isolation valves, frame, piping, an Ex d junction box, and other associated components. The skid is certified for custody transfer per MID Directive 2004/22/EC, Class 0.5.

The Promass Coriolis meter provides outputs for mass flow, density and volume. This is especially important for the future as trends indicate light hydrocarbons will go from volume to mass billing, as is already in place for LPG custody transfer.

Due to the lower pressure loss of the Promass Coriolis mass flow meter as compared to other types of flow meters, the loading/unloading station can operate at higher flow rates. This results in faster loading times, or lower pump energy consumption at the same flow rate.

Three versions of the skid are available: Model LMS080 for truck loading has a 3-inch line and a maximum loading rate of 3,300 lb/min (1,500 kg/min); Model LMS100 for railcar loading has a 4-inch line for a maximum loading rate of 5,500 lb/min (2,500 kg/min); and the LMS150 for ships has a 6-inch line for a maximum loading rate of 13,670 lb/min (6,200kg/min).

The LMS skids are completely assembled and certified for easy installation and commissioning at a loading or unloading depot. Skids are available for horizontal or vertical installation, including a loading arm. Options include an air eliminator, prover connections, pressure sensor, grounding system and a 2-inch blending line. The blending line can be connected to the metering skid and controlled by the batch controller via three different recipes.

Open and standardized digital communication interfaces allow smooth integration to the Endress+Hauser Terminal Management System, Tank Vision Gauging system, or similar inventory management systems from other suppliers.

The skid also connects to Endress+Hauser Terminalvision software for handling of requirements for road, rail and barge loading depots and terminals. The skid’s open control and monitoring system is designed to interface to most supplier systems used for access control, loading and weighbridges.

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