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Eplan updates Platform design software

Eplan updates Platform design software

May 5, 2015 – Eplan releases Platform 2.5  with page/area-specific revision management. Revision management is an important part of the engineering process – especially when various disciplines, including electrical and fluid power engineering, are working in one database. One central challenge is managing various levels of revision within a project, therefore Platform 2.5 offers page/area-specific revision management. Project areas such as functional structures, location definitions and disciplines can be independently revised, meaning that changes remain transparent throughout the entire process and for all project participants at all times.

Macros are an efficient approach for standardization. With variant and placeholder technology, users can simply and easily add partial circuits to an overall project. The new macro navigator facilitates management of this process: macros can be worked on in a tree diagram or within a table – even with multiple selections. Macro variants and different representation types can be more easily viewed in context, and – as usual – be quickly and easily selected. Furthermore, Version 2.5 also allows management of several names per macro, reducing the need to create article-specific macros because one macro can now be used for several parts.

The Eplan Platform 2.5 also has an enhanced terminal editor available to users. A graphical representation of terminal types and categories enables fast and clear validation of selected terminal strips. If changes become necessary, these can be done directly in the terminal editor, and the parts and components can be entered or changed directly in the editor as well. Terminals can be conveniently sorted along terminal strips via drag & drop. Representations of the information in the terminal editor can be saved as scheme, allowing users to quickly switch to and access the most important information. This results in a convenient and simple centralized management of terminal strips with predictable and validated results for the terminals and terminal layout diagrams.

Before cables can be laid-out by the assembly team, they must first be planned and comprehensively documented – normally using a single-line diagram. The Eplan Platform 2.5 now provides users with added functionality for the corresponding cable layout for machines/plants. Using the single-line functionality, users can complete one-pole wiring plans and relay this information to the optional Eplan FieldSys add-on module. It allows the definition of exact cable paths and cable lengths. Another practical advantage is that FieldSys can automatically compile an exact order list for all the cable pathways design elements.

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