EPSON adds three C8 Series robots |

EPSON adds three C8 Series robots

EPSON adds three C8 Series robots

March 30, 2016 - EPSON releases C8-700, C8L-900 and C8XL-1400 robots with  up to 1400mm of reach and maximum payloads of 8Kg. All models are available in standard, Clean/ESD and IP67 protected configurations.  

The slim body and compact wrist design allows for greater motion range and less mechanical restrictions. The robots can easily reach into confined and restricted work spaces from many angles with smooth motion not achievable with similar sized competitive models. This makes the C8-Series ideal robots for machine load/unload, material handling and packaging applications along with many others including assembly and dispensing.
Through QMEMS  vibration sensing technology, C8-Series arms automatically detect and adjust for vibration and therefore maximize speed and accel/decel rates. This translates to faster cycle times even with heavier payloads as compared to other similarly sized 6-axis models.
Options include Vision Guidance, .Net support, Conveyor Tracking, GUI Builder, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, and Profibus.