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Equilibar releases HV series vacuum control valve

Equilibar releases HV series vacuum control valve

April 29, 2016—Equilibar announces the release of its HV series of vacuum pressure regulators for high flow rates. The HV replaces outdated control valves that use complex external control loops. Its pilot operated design enables it to respond automatically to changes in vacuum flows and pressures.

The HV performs consistently as machine speeds vary during start-up, which often occurs in applications such as high speed canning or envelope handling machines.  It is also well suited for vacuum distillation, vacuum crystallization, and tank blanketing applications.

The HV’s engineering uses a unique direct diaphragm sealing design.  A membrane diaphragm is the only moving part and is used to directly create the seal against a field of small orifices.  In this design, dynamic seals have no internal friction to overcome so that the HV is able to respond to small changes in pressure in short reaction time.   It is optimized to work at vacuum levels near atmosphere and can effectively control down to 2 inches of water column (5 millibar).

The diaphragm’s large area and materials allow it to respond to small changes in pressure.  It responds to changes in the system vacuum level that creates a pressure difference between the controlled system vacuum and the vacuum command being applied to the HV pilot port.

The HV’s diaphragm can be manufactured from materials to match an application's specific chemistry, temperature, and pressure requirements, with choices including (Teflon), PEEK, Viton (FKM), Buna-N (Nitrile), UHMWPE, EPDM, and even thin metallic foils.

The fast response time of the HV Series automatically keeps low pressure vacuum at the desired set point regardless of fluctuations in the vacuum supply or changes in the system flow rate. 

HV valves are pilot operated.  The pressure signal applied to the pilot port commands the HV to control its inlet port to that same pressure.  The pilot pressure can be applied with an electronic pressure regulator or with a manually adjusted mechanical pressure regulator.

The HV is available manufactured from SS304L or SS316L.  Port sizes are 2, 4, and 6 inch.  Standard ANSI/ASME flanges are available as well as traditional NPT threaded ports.