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EVT announces EyeCheck 9000 smart camera

January 222016
EVT announces EyeCheck 9000 smart camera

January 22, 2016 - EVT announces EyeCheck 9000 smart camera, available as a complete system with integrated EyeVision image processing software or as OEM version.

The ready-to-use solution is available as EyeCheck 9xxx series. The OEM solution is also available as board version without housing and it can be easily programmed with C or C++. Both versions are Linux smart cameras and have FPGA and DualCore ARM CPUs.

As OEM version, EVT offers the user to select between two FPGA ZYNQs called Raze1 and Raze2. Adjustments can be made on customer request.

The EyeCheck 9000 smart camera with EyeVision is perfect for an easy image evaluation and is suitable for applications such as pattern matching, code reading (bar code, DMC, QR), OCR/OCV, object detection, measurement technology, surface inspection and many more.

Additionally the camera with the extremely light housing can be mounted onto a stand with the components from EyeMount.

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