EVT releases EyeSpector camera for robots

September 082011
EVT releases EyeSpector camera for robots

September 8, 2011 - EVT releases EyeSpector camera for robots. With the combination of the EyeSpector smart camera series with EyeVision image processing software EVT provides the eye for the robot. In only a few steps the user has the possibility to solve even complex tasks in the robot vision field. The compact design of the EyeSpector with the completely integrated EyeVision software guarantees an exact and efficient image processing solution.

Hand in hand with the robot, the EyeSpector smart camera provides with only a few commands the perfect Pick & Place solution. For this the EyeVision evaluation software contains the optional SmartMatch command, which detects the product in every position and every rotational orientation sub-pixel correct and is then testing the product according the user-defined characteristics. Even invariance in size does not disturb the unbribable eye of the EyeSpector.

The communication with the robot takes place via various interfaces, such as Gigabit Ethernet, IP, TCP/IP, Modbus and RS232, easily via XML or via a free defined instruction format. Hence, not only is the EyeSpector camera easily integrated into the existing company software, but also the communication with the robot can be realized.

Coming along is the powerful library, which contains command sets for many conventional robots such as KUKA, Reis, Stäubli and many more. Even if the robot is not yet implemented, this can be handled in no time at all.

Also, in case of programming the robot, the drag-and-drop programming of the EyeVision software leads to the proposed result – fast and easy. Additionally it does not matter if you use a vision sensor, a smart camera or a PC based system, the EyeVision user interface stays the same, also in case of robotic applications. This is especially important concerning the maintenance: the personnel does not have to learn different operating systems, so they can work with EyeVision whatever system you use.

The field of application ranges from the RobotVision and the electronic industry to the semiconductor industry. The recognition of characters in logistic systems as well as the reading of codes do not cause a problem for the system. In this connection it does not matter whether it is a OCR, a bar code, a DMC or QR code.