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Exa updates PowerINSIGHT simulation software

Exa updates PowerINSIGHT simulation software

April 8, 2015 - Exa upgraded its results generation, analysis and reporting program, PowerINSIGHT. This software now allows users to optimize product performance early in the development process by automating the analysis and sharing of simulation results — fostering improved collaboration between engineering and design teams.

PowerINSIGHT 2.0 enables rapid, real-time, side-by-side comparison of results from multiple runs, and efficiently packages content, empowering engineers and designers to take insightful simulation-based decisions — quickly and efficiently. It processes terabytes of big data and automatically generates reports and PowerPoint presentations that include compelling renderings and animations of the simulation results.

Simulation data can be shared immediately, enhancing early-stage communication and collaboration. The ability to understand the full implications of design and engineering choices at the beginning of product development can eradicate costly and time-consuming late-stage changes, which ultimately compromises final product performance.

Exa's software, which simulates fluid flow, aeroacoustics and heat transfer, enables the deployment of simulation as a strategic tool by encouraging collaboration early in the development process. The strategic use of this technology, known as 'simulation-driven design,' provides for a highly accurate analysis of performance in real-world conditions, and allows for actionable feedback and insight on how to improve the design — something not possible when simply employing traditional testing methods.