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Exele updates TopView Alarm Software for faster Web access

Exele updates TopView Alarm Software for faster Web access

May 8, 2014 - Exele Information Systems announced enhancements to their TopView software suite with the release of TopView 6.18.1 with real-time value and alarm updates for their Mobile Web App.  

The TopView Mobile Web App provides access to TopView alarms and monitored data values from mobile devices and web browsers.   Support for any platform with a modern browser allows phone, tablet, and desktop access to monitored data, alarms, and alarm history.

In previous versions, the value and alarm screens of the Mobile Web App were updated when the web page was loaded or refreshed.  With the TopvView 6.18.1 release, the TopView Engine can push real-time value and alarm updates to the browser. Audible text-to-speech alarms can also be delivered to users of the Mobile Web App.

The release also provides Mobile Web App users access to the TopView Alarm History. The new Alarm history screen allows the user to query TopView alarm history for a period of time and offers several filtering and viewing options.

About TopView
TopView is a powerful, easy-to-configure process monitoring and alarm management tool that works seamlessly with existing SCADA, PLC, Historian, and Database products.  TopView is used extensively wherever data measurements need to be monitored - wind farms, oil & gas, water & wastewater, electric power generation;  process industries such as chemical, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical and food processing; building automation and IT system performance.