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Expanding the small robot product lineup

Expanding the small robot product lineup
Expanding the small robot product lineup, Nachi is eager to announce the Global Launch of the World’s fastest and lightest compact robot and future technology in 2015. 
Nachi-Fujikoshi launched the MZ07 compact robot back in 2013 and has been cultivating the world's compact robot markets via our distributor's network such as original tools, bearings, hydraulic fluids and other own-brand products and robot integrators. Eager in 2015, we are currently launching the "MZ04" as the World's fastest and lightest compact robot and the "MZ04E" as a safe robot, with targets set on the 3-4 kg payload capacity segment of the compact robot market. By greatly improving ease of use, Nachi is lowering the automation threshold so that businesses that have never used robots before can accelerate their introduction.
The MZ04 and the MZ04E robot has a footprint equal to an A5 sheet of paper (5.8” x 8.3”), an arm width of 4.49”, and weighs less than 60lbs. Designed to be extremely compact with minimal installation space, unconventional layout options include; ceiling mount, wall-mounting, and tilted postures.  Also available on MZ Series robots is a 120v control package expanding the application range even further. MZ Series robots can be installed anywhere you can plug into the wall making it an ideal solution for universities, training facilities, R&D laboratories, or anyone without access to commercial power. Application possibilities are endless and applied seamlessly with advanced Nachi Software Packages including palletizing, force sensing, vision sensing, line-tracking conveyor synchronization, material handling, and many more.
Boasting an IP67 rating, MZ Series robots are the fastest in class (in standardized speed testing), surpassing all competitors' robots.  As the newest addition to Nachi's comprehensive robot lineup, MZ Series robots build on the great heritage of large payload robots by providing an extremely versatile small robot with top of the line capabilities. The new MZ Series robot arms feature ultra-high-speed motion capability with advanced through-arm dress capabilities to simplify routing of hoses and cables for material handling, assembly, vision and many other applications. The MZ03EL incorporates the same great features as other MZ Series robot with added reach up to 1.1 meter horizontal reach for larger work areas.
MZ04E robots use "Safe Robot" technology and use motors rated at no more than 80w on each of its axes. It can be used without safety fences* and operators can work adjacent to the robot. (* Risk assessment required) In addition to the MZ04E Safe Robot, the MZ04 robots incorporate optional Direct Teaching Technology that allows operators to physically move the arm to teach the required operations. This hands-on operation with the robot simplifies and greatly shortens the teaching process. 
In addition to the industry leading innovative features offered by MZ Series robot arms, controller size has been significantly reduced with the introduction of the new Nachi Compact-FD (CFD) Controller. Based on its industry proven full size brother the FD11 controller, the PC sized CFD Controller features 200-230v (single phase or 3 phase), IP20 protection level and a new miniature teach pendent (miniTP). The ergonomic size offered by the CFD controller, system backups can now be created directly to USB media devices ensuring your production programs will never be compromised.  Nachi revealed one of the newest additions to their cutting edge technology at Automate 2015, a Wireless Teach Pendant.  Compact, lightweight, and wireless, the standard touch screen with HMI display makes operations simple and intuitive.  With over a 16’ range and a 5 hour battery life, one pendant can be used for multiple robots.
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