Express Logic Extends X-Ware Platform Support |

Express Logic Extends X-Ware Platform Support

January 262015
Express Logic Extends X-Ware Platform Support

January 26, 2015 - Express Logic expanded its support for X-Ware Platform , the company’s target-specific, integrated run-time software that combines all X-Ware components (ThreadX , NetX , USBX , FileX , GUIX , and TraceX ) pre-ported and fully integrated for use on specific development boards. X-Ware Platform helps developers avoid the significant development and integration work normally associated with the use of generic software products on a specific board.

First introduced with support for the Renesas RZ/A1-based RSK board, X-Ware Platform is now available for these additional boards:

    Atmel SAMA5D3x-EK
    STMicro STM324xG-EVAL
    TI AM335x Starter Kit

X-Ware Platform uses the board-support package (BSP) and peripheral drivers supplied by each board manufacturer as a starting point. However, X-Ware Platform goes well beyond that, adding seamless integration of those drivers with Express Logic’s X-Ware products and enabling each one to operate fully on that board. X-Ware Platform also resolves any conflicts associated with the use of multiple X-Ware products simultaneously. Normally this integration is left for the developers, delaying the start of real application development work.

X-Ware Platform now is available to embedded Internet of Things (IoT) developers using processors from Atmel, STMicro, TI, and Renesas, using any of the supported boards in their development system. Express Logic plans to continue to expand support for X-Ware Platform to the most commonly used development boards and kits, in partnership with the leading suppliers of microprocessor-based systems for the IoT.

X-Ware Platform is available for supported boards, with over fifteen reference projects for evaluation and product development. These projects illustrate the use of each X-Ware product individually, as well as in combination. This ensures that IoT developers get a head start on incorporating features such as a graphical user interface with high-speed networking, USB, and file management within a real-time system.

X-Ware Platform is licensed at prices starting at $12,500 with no per-unit royalties. Pre-license evaluation is easy and free. Reference projects can be downloaded and run on a developer’s hardware of choice, free of charge. Full source evaluation licenses are available free of charge from Express Logic. Please consult Express Logic for further information.