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EyeVision adds online statistics to cameras

EyeVision adds online statistics to cameras

May 28, 2014 - All vision sensors and smart cameras by EVT, such as EyeSens and EyeCheck now also contain the optional “Statistic” command.  Additionally, all cameras with a monitor port can display the CpK values in a graph – without a PC. By simply inserting the “Statistic” icon into the inspection program, the command can graphically monitor and display the production line.

The CpK value allows to statistically evaluate the process during the manufacturing. Those values specify how positively the specified aims in the production are reached. To calculate the CpK values the upper and lower specification limits have to be defined.

With the “Statistik” command of the EyeVision software it is possible to define those limits easily. Combined with the EyeSens TPI – the vision sensor for inspection of turned parts – the production aims of total length, width, angle or diameter can be exactly defined. With the graphically displayed statistic, spikes can be clearly determined.

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