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Falcon Electric announces 10kVA FN Rackmount UPS

November 122014
Falcon Electric announces 10kVA  FN Rackmount UPS

November 12, 2014 - Falcon Electric announces 10kVA  FN Rackmount UPS.

Users can easily scale the FN UPS using individual 10kVA rackmount models, providing up to 30kVA with N+1 redundancy or up to 40kVA when N+1 redundancy is not required. Critical applications such as industrial manufacturing and process control, 911 call centers and computer networks require scalability and/or N+1 redundancy for continuous operations.

For increased energy savings, the unit’s “ECO Green Mode” setting increases the AC/AC efficiency up to 97 percent during times when the connected equipment is not in use – reducing energy consumption, cooling expense and CO2 emissions. When not in ECO Mode, the FN operates at a 90 percent AC/AC efficiency level – decreasing energy demands. In addition, the FN Scalable UPS features input power factor correction, which lowers current demands on building wiring.

For critical processes that cannot afford downtime, redundancy is crucial.  The FN Scalable UPS ensures 24 hour operation with N+1 redundancy up to 30kVA.  If an individual UPS requires maintenance, the UPS is automatically sensed and taken offline.  The user is notified through the LCD display and an audible alarm.

The FN true double-conversion on-line UPS provides the highest level of protection against costly power problems such as blackouts, brownouts, surges and transients.  As with the other models in the family, the new 10kVA FN UPS can be easily programmed for use as a 50Hz or 60Hz frequency converter, making it the ideal choice for worldwide power applications.

In addition, all of the FN Series models offer hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries as well as optional battery packs and chargers for extended hours of battery back up time. The UPS also offers a Remote Emergency Power Off (REPO) switch.  

UPS monitoring is easy through Falcon’s UPSilon computer shutdown and management software, which supports all Windows platforms as well as Novell NetWare, LINUX and FreeBSD. UPSilon is also available for UNIX and supports most popular UNIX platform and OS versions.  For remote management, users may purchase an optional SNMP/HTTP agent board. Unlimited server shutdown client software licensing is provided at no additional cost.

The FN Series scalable UPS family also includes tower models that provide the same feature-packed design, only in a compact tower configuration – up to 40kVA.

 FN Series Scalable N+1 Rackmount UPSs are UL 1778, cUL listed and meet CE and FCC Class A requirements.