FANUC releases EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function |

FANUC releases EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function

November 102014
FANUC releases EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function

November 10, 2014 - FANUC America announces CIP Safety functionality via the EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function for the FANUC Series 3xi-B CNCs that enables safety communication with Rockwell Automation controller (Logix PAC) systems.

The EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function with CIP Safety is an enhancement to the current dual check safety function. The EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function makes it possible to handle safety signals on the EtherNet/IP Adapter function, transferring safety signals between a master safety controller and CNC. It communicates digital input/output signals across Ethernet with high reliability to further simplify the hardware and connections needed.

Dual check safety on the FANUC Series 3xi-B CNC supports an integrated safety function over a single cable. Using built-in redundancy, a special processor monitors safety-related parameters and guarantees the integrity and safety of the system by tracking the actual position and speed of the servomotors, spindle motors and I/O interfaces.
Using the CIP Safety functionality of the new EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function with dual check safety, the sending side device cross-checks the safety signals, adds the inspection data, and then transmits both data sets to the receiving side device. The receiving side device ensures integrity and safety by confirming the inspection data and cross-checking the safety signals.
The initial release of EtherNet/IP connectivity allowed for open interconnectivity of FANUC CNCs to factory automation solutions. The use of EtherNet/IP network architecture allows customers to leverage common tools and technology for device configuration and maintenance across CNC, robot and Logix PAC cell environments. Benefits of this include: a simplified, lower cost architecture, improved productivity and actionable information across the entire manufacturing enterprise.
With CIP Safety functionality in the new release of EtherNet/IP Adapter Safety function, end-users and machine tool builders will additionally benefit from the added integrated safety communication between CNC and Logix PAC control environments as well as further simplification of the hardware and connections.
This function was specifically designed to communicate between a safety controller and CNC with safety signals for automotive transfer lines.