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Farsens releases Cyclon RFID pressure monitoring tag

December 102014
Farsens releases Cyclon RFID pressure monitoring tag

December 10, 2014 - Farsens releases Cyclon-05BA, is a battery free RFID sensor tag capable of transmitting a unique identifier and the associated absolute pressure measurement data to a commercial EPC C1G2 reader without the need of a battery on the sensor tag. The device features a MS5803-05BA sensor from Measurement Specialties to monitor pressures up to 6 bar. The tag comes in a variety of antenna designs and sizes to adapt the performance to the required application in the 860-960 MHz band. The reading distance for the battery free pressure sensor tag is around 1.5 meters (5 feet) and it can be embedded in a wide variety of materials such as plastics or concrete. Evaluation kits are available.

Alternatively, the Cyclon-700A covers the same range with an analog sensor for a reduced accuracy and price. The Cyclon-30BA includes a MS5803-30BA to cover ranges up to 30 bar.

Cyclon tags can be used without batteries at all, allowing for a wide range of applications where the accessibility is restricted. As an example, they can be used in Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems in cars to monitor wheel pressure without the need of batteries inside the tire and reduces weight – which generates vibrations at high speeds, thus increasing risk of accidents – and cost of disposal of batteries once the device is discarded.