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FCI releases SFP+ SR Transceiver

January 232015
FCI releases SFP+ SR Transceiver

January 23, 2015 – FCI introduced SFP+ SR transceiver, a low power pluggable optical transceiver fully compatible with the SFF-8431 industry standard. This 10Gb/s bandwidth pluggable transceiver is fully compliant with 10Gb Ethernet and Fibre Channel signal transmission protocols.

SFP+ SR transceiver provides 10Gb data rate performance which is achieved with 50% to 70% reduction in power consumption. Operating between 0°C and 70°C, these transceivers are capable of 300 meter reach over OM3 Multimode fiber.

The flip-chip optical sub-component VCSEL technology operates at 850nm and is optimized with low power consumption drive electronics, resulting in a total power consumption of approximately 250mW.

This SFP+ transceiver enables a significant reduction in system hardware operating costs by lowering the heat dissipation and allows a simplification of heat management features and controls.