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FCI Releases SIL 2 Compliant FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor

FCI Releases SIL 2 Compliant FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor

April 5, 2016—Designed for industrial processes, manufacturing operations, pumps, compressed air, gas compressors and HVAC systems  requiring flow assurance and alarming, the compact SIL 2 compliant FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI) is SIL 2 compliant ensuring a reliable flow sensing instrument for repeatable flow trip point or alarm warning within seconds.   

The FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor features air/gas sensitivity and setpoint range from 0.25 to 400 SFPS [0.076 to 122 MPS] and for water or liquids from 0.01 to 0.5 FPS [0.003 to 0.15 MPS]. It is suitable for use in fluid temperatures from -40° to 250°F [-40° to 212°C] and at pressures up to 2000 psi [138 bar].   

Applications for the FS10i Flow Switch/Monitor include cooling water and fluids, leak detection, lubricant flow assurance, ventilation verification, chemical injection assurance, nitrogen purge verifications and compressor leak detection.

The insertion style set-up is done in the field using either the two-button keypad, or with a PC connection to the FS10i’s serial I/O port. The instrument features a 10-character LED array to indicate actual flow range and, when trip point is reached the LED will begin to flash to provide an immediate visual indication to the user.

The FS10i electronics are enclosed in a stainless steel body housing with aluminum end cap/top with polycarbonate overlay, which carries an IP66/IP67 rating.  Input power is 24 Vdc (21.5 to 30 Vdc); 2.5 Watts maximum.