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Festo announces DDLI Pneumatic Actuator for Servo Positioning

November 262014
Festo announces DDLI Pneumatic Actuator for Servo Positioning

November 26, 2014 — Festo announces DDLI Pneumatic Actuator with integrated position feedback for fast, controlled positioning and the capability to regulate feed forces on the fly. The DDLI is ideal for positioning a diverter on a conveyor, opening and closing large machine doors, clamping, and more.

When used with the Festo CPX-CMAX servo-pneumatic controller, the DDLI can be operated like an electric servo drive to perform position and force tasks. Use the integrated record set table to predefine position and force tasks in the CMAX controller.  Or send position and force directly from the PLC to the CMAX controller and modify movements on the fly.

This actuator is well-suited for precise dynamic movement of large loads. When used with the Festo CPX-CMPX soft stop module, DDLI eliminates impacts at the end position and achieves cycle times up to 30 percent faster than comparable standard pneumatic actuators.

The Festo DARD coupling reduces play between the actuator and load making for stable position/force control and measurements. Ball joints in the coupling compensate for misalignments in position and orientation of the load. With a protection rating of IP67, the actuator is suitable for wet and dirty environments.

A wide variety of fieldbus options provides the connectivity needed to deliver a variety of advantages, including  remote maintenance, remote diagnostics, web server access, SMS, and e-mail alerts. Modules can be quickly exchanged and expanded without altering wiring. OEMs can completely configure, commission, and operate the DDLI via fieldbus from within the PLC environment.

Key specifications include:

  • Sizes  -  25,32,40,63 mm
  • Stroke range  -  100 to 2,000 mm
  • Maximum speed  -  3 m/s
  • Maximum feed force  -  1,683 N
  • Maximum load  -  180 kg horizontally / 60 kg vertically

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