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Festo Releases DSBG Large Diameter Pneumatic Cylinders

Festo Releases DSBG Large Diameter Pneumatic Cylinders

May 8, 2015 - Festo introduced the DSBG line of ISO 15552 large diameter tie rod cylinders in 160 and 200 mm sizes. DSBG cylinders are quieter, cost less, and are more durable than the cylinders they replace.

The DSBG-160/200 are rated for  2,700/4,200 pounds (12,000/18.8 kN) force and are ideal for such heavy duty applications as metal presses and barrel pumps in the auto industry, pinch valves in the mining industry, and opening gates/flaps in the water treatment industry. DSBG cylinders come standard with an elastomer bumper or an adjustable air cushion for noise reduction and, with the air cushion, higher energy absorption than the previous line. The DSBG has a

higher load bearing capacity than its predecessor the DNG. This feature improves protection against overpressure and ensures easier handling and operating efficiency.

The cylinders are rated for use at up to 150˚ C and harsh environments, including an ATEX variant. Options include an easily installed magnetic proximity sensor, the SMT-8M-A, and pneumatic connection technology and mounting assemblies. Stud bolts make for easy vertical or horizontal mounting in especially demanding environments such as mining and water/wastewater. 

About Festo 

Festo is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. For more than 40 years, Festo Corporation has continuously elevated the state of manufacturing with innovations and optimized motion control solutions that deliver higher performing, more profitable automated manufacturing and processing equipment.