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FlexArm introduces GH-60 tapping arm

November 132018
FlexArm introduces GH-60 tapping arm

November 13, 2018 - FlexArm introduces the GH-60 hydraulic tapping arm with capacity to 2 inches, even in laser cut holes.  This design has a reach from 20 to 85" and operates at 55 or 275 RPM to deliver torque up to 811ft/lbs. Full 360-degree movement allows operators to position taps with guaranteed perpendicularity.  Operates from 480 V power source to provide tapping capacities from ½ to 2-inches.  Five quick-change tap holders, and semi-tap lubrication are included with each tapping arm purchase.   FlexArm GH-60 tapping arms are an alternative to tapping large diameter holes manually, or via CNC, even laser cut holes - with no reaming or preparation required.  

Optional digital depth control allows operators to control depth and maintain consistency. An optional multi-position head allows operators to change from vertical to horizontal tapping.  

In addition to the GH-60 model detailed above, other hydraulic and pneumatic versions of the FlexArm are available to suit varied tapping requirements.  Engineers are available to discuss unique project parameters and offer solutions based experience.  A 30-day free trial period allows FlexArm products to be proven in-plant under actual production conditions.