FLIR and Sick Ranger Interfaces for ICE |

FLIR and Sick Ranger Interfaces for ICE

FLIR and Sick Ranger Interfaces for ICE

 Mach-SmartVision, the industrial machine vision systems team within MacDonald Humfry (Automation) Ltd, has announced the launch of their new camera interface options for its ICE image capture and analysis software. The FLIR Interface allows connection to FLIR’s thermal cameras and allows analysis based upon the temperature and thermal characteristic of a surface. The SICK Interface allows connection to Sick’s Ranger cameras for high speed 3D component analysis. ICE software already has interface options for a range of monochrome and colour cameras and the enhancements further strengthen the products abilities and Mach-SmartVision’s capability to offer customers reliable and robust machine vision solutions for an ever increasing range of applications. The development of both interfaces has been led by specific customer requirements to meet new component inspection tasks. Further interface options will be introduced later in the year.

Made specifically for industrial applications ICE allows customers to capture defects during production, reducing costly rework - META Inspection • Measure – check dimensions of your component • Evaluate – verify colour, shape, presence, text or barcodes • Test – compare the inspection results with your inspection criteria • Action – interface to your PLC, robot, production monitoring system or advise your ensuring the appropriate action is taken depending upon the evaluation results Indicating the status to the line operatives is easy with multiple screen options and the ability to display annotated images from the cameras and a pictorial overview of screens to clearly convey the inspection results. Image and log file storage allows the reviewing of historic data.

The Mach-SmartVision team is the Oxford based vision and sensor technology group within MacDonald Humfrey (Automation) Ltd, one of the UK’s largest and well respected automation companies employing over 400 staff and providing automation to car plants, airports, and all other industrial sectors. Please contact us today to discuss your inspection or robot guidance requirement.