GE Digital announces fourth-generation HMI/SCADA software |

GE Digital announces fourth-generation HMI/SCADA software

GE Digital announces fourth-generation HMI/SCADA software

July 20, 2016 —GE Digital announced a generation of its automation software portfolio that offers decision support capabilities, a critical foundation for efficient operations. The new GE HMI/SCADA software offers the most comprehensive and best-in-class monitoring and visualization capabilities, as well as work process management, analytics, and mobility.  Based on ISA high performance design principles, this solution enables companies to troubleshoot faster, reduce waste and increase productivity.

This fourth generation HMI/SCADA technology is designed to allow operators to spend less time navigating, find critical data faster, improve alarm resolution success, identify relevant screens for an alarm, increase usability, and achieve a faster build/deployment.

The GE software features a HMI that changes as the user moves through the system. Navigation is derived from a structured asset model. Additionally, the structured asset model mapped to the SCADA database significantly speeds configuration. Modern technologies such as HTML5 and Web HMI allow for centralized development and deployment, as well as accessibility anywhere in multiple form factors.

Designed to ISA high performance HMI guidelines, the HMI layout guides operators with the most informed view of the problem or task at hand, personalized to the user.

To help engineers create the right user experience, GE also provides predefined smart objects and templates designed using efficient HMI concepts. Standard layouts and cards – such as trends, alarms, alarm summaries, and KPIs – are available out of the box, speeding configuration and improving user situational awareness.

Additionally, GE’s HMI/SCADA portfolio has task management capabilities. GE’s Workflow 2.5 and Mobile 2.0 solutions extend the capabilities of Decision Support HMI/SCADA, helping companies achieve their critical business outcomes with integrated workflows and intelligent alarming.

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