GE introduces Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) at Embedded World 2017

GE introduces Industrial Internet Control System (IICS) at Embedded World 2017

March 20, 2017 -GE’s Automation & Controls presented for the first time at Embedded World 2017 its Industrial Internet Control System (IICS), a central control system for industrial asset and plant control on the basis of analyzed machine data. 

The Industrial Internet Control System IICS: Traditional control systems are often inadequate for realizing the full potential of the Industrial Internet because they are self-contained and operate on a simple closed loop, whereas IICS connects distributed controls and pools local streams of data for simultaneous processing and analysis.

The data analytics are not only happening in the cloud, but also on the edge in the plant and at the machine. With IICS, GE enables companies to use data for smarter operating decisions.

IICS consists of a combination of connected controllers, I/O modules, secure cloud connectivity, advanced analytics software and apps, used to collect and analyze data to then send back specific decisions as commands to the individual machine controllers.

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