GP:50 Announces iDucer Wireless Pressure Transmitter |

GP:50 Announces iDucer Wireless Pressure Transmitter

GP:50 Announces iDucer Wireless Pressure Transmitter

July 31, 2015 –GP:50 announced iDucer Bluetooth wireless pressure transmitter.The iDucer is a battery or locally powered, self-contained pressure transmitter with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless output. Designed to connect wirelessly to virtually any iPhone or iPad the device can reliably measure pressure values from 0-1 PSI thru 0-30K PSI (70 mBAR thru 2,068 BAR) with ±0.2% FSO standard accuracy, and optional improved ±0.1% FSO accuracy, from distances of up to 100 meters.  

Supplied iOS application software allows for all iDucer collected data to be downloaded, analyzed and stored for future use. A built-in power save mode allows the device to conserve battery life while not in operation. Units feature all stainless steel wetted parts and housings, as well as ¼” NPT (M) standard process connections. They can reliably operate over a standard temperature range of -40 °F to +185 °F (-40 °C to +85 °C). Other connections and formats, including SAE standard connections, are available upon request. A locally powered version with standard industry electrical connections is also available, should continuous operation be required.

The iDucer Bluetooth Wireless Pressure Transmitter is ideal for any short-range pressure measurement, particularly in applications where the use of traditional pressure transmitters may be impractical due to extended distances; where there is limited external power source availability; where installation obstructions prevent the use of cabling and wiring; where requirements call for mounting on rotating devices; or where remote onboard vehicle measurements are needed.