Green Hills Software Enhances µ-velOSity Real-Time Operating System |

Green Hills Software Enhances µ-velOSity Real-Time Operating System

July 21, 2015 - Green Hills Software releases version 2.6.2 of its µ-velOSity Real-Time Operating System with support for the latest processor architectures, improved performance optimizations and expanded security and safety features.

Processor architectures include family members from ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex-R and Power Architecture e200 architectures.

Customers are now securely communicating over untrusted networks with µ-velOSity and secure networking protocols SSL/TSL and SSH from Green Hills. Also available from Green Hills is the Embedded Crypto Toolkit – a comprehensive suite of FIPS 140-2 compliant cryptographic toolkits for developing high assurance data protection on microcontrollers.

Performance optimizations reduce interrupt service routine and context switching execution times, while hardware floating-point support for multi-tasking has been expanded.

Enhanced call stack utilities enable the developer to analyze and predict stack usage to avoid overflows – a safety and security hazard – especially important on memory-constrained microcontrollers.

µ-velOSity was designed to use the smallest number of CPU clock cycles and memory, requiring only 1.6 KB of ROM. This alleviates the need for slower and expensive off-chip memory, enabling “instant-on” booting, faster execution speed and more memory for applications.

µ-velOSity API is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Complete source code for the RTOS and select middleware is included, making it easy for developers to understand and configure µ-velOSity to meet their specific requirements while only including the necessary RTOS services. The Project Wizard and application examples build a new application in minutes.

Integrated middleware saves significant development time when adding communication, connectivity and graphics capability. Meanwhile, the comprehensive MULTI suite of integrated development tools for µ-velOSity enables developers to bring to market more quickly a higher performing and more reliable product. Key feature advantages include kernel aware debugging, C/C++ compilers and integrated code quality tools providing developers control and visibility into stack performance, run-time errors and MISRA-C adherence.