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Habey announces MITX-6771 Marshalltown Replacement Board

August 212014
Habey announces MITX-6771 Marshalltown Replacement Board

August 21, 2014 - Habey USA introduces the MITX-6771, a mini-ITXplatform that replaces the Intel DN2800MT Marshalltown motherboard that Intel discontinued. 

Powered by the Intel Celeron J1900, this platform, formerly known as Baytrail boasts 2.42GHz at low wattages. The TDP is rated at 10W according to Intel, which means this low-power device will save energy and be a viable fanless option. The two mini-PCIe expansion slots boasts two full sized slots compared to the DN2800MT and its other replacements.

In addition to having on PCIE 1x slot, one of the mini-PCIe slots is equipped with a SIM card slot, allowing a user to utilize 3/4G modules to have mobile data capability. If the included single SATA port is insufficient for your storage needs there are two options available. The first readily available option is the mSATA compatible mini-PCIe ports. A user can run SSD storage directlythrough that expansion slot or add an additional SATA port on the board directly.

While the back panel layout is identical to the Marshalltown board, it has a USB 3.0 header on the board and is laid out exactly like the DN2800MT which means a user can still use the same enclosure for this next generation drop-in replacement board. Overall the MITX-6771 boasts a few hardware upgrades and available features, and the J1900 platforms allows for greater performance at lower power consumption as well as superior video graphics.

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