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HARTING introduces HAN-INOX 3A connector series

October 242016
HARTING introduces HAN-INOX 3A connector series

October 24, 2016 --- The Han-INOX connector series now has a coupling housing in the Han 3A size. Designed for the toughest conditions, the Han-INOX connector series operates in areas that were previously unthinkable because of the demanding conditions.

This includes outdoor applications and use in the food industry and process technology. Like the Han series, the Han-INOX series has a modular design. Combinable with an extensive range of contact applications, the series can be used in a variety of areas - from energy supply to data transfer.

Han-INOX series connectors are available in two sizes. The smaller Han 3A version can be used for carrying both current up to 40 A and 690 V and sensitive data signals – via the Ethernet, for example. Even high-density contact inserts with 21 contacts are available for the small version of the Han-INOX product.

The bigger Han 10B version allows the use of both standard contact inserts with up to 42 contacts and the Han-Modular system, currently comprising over 50 different modules and covering nearly all industrial requirements. This means that combined connections can be made involving power, data, signals and/or compressed air in corrosive conditions.