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HARTING introduces M12 Power connector

October 032016
HARTING introduces M12 Power connector

October 3, 2016 - Launched at IMTS, September 12-17 in Chicago, the HARTING M12 Power offers solutions for high power applications, with the footprint of an M12 connector. This is achieved by a standardization and encoding

The demand for higher energy products with a small footprint in automation has led to the development of new concepts and standards.  In response, HARTING has participated in the development of new industry standards in order to make manufacturer-neutral mating faces a reality. The resulting new IEC 61067-2-111 standard is the basis for future M12 Power connector solutions.

The universal mating face with L-coding has also emerged from this adopted standard. At 63V/16A, the 5-pin L-coding achieves 0.75kW of power, making it ideal for small servo motors, field distribution boxes, field-bus-controlled I/O boxes, power supply devices and valve applications. The M12 L-coded is viewed as the future standard equipment connector and is expected to completely replace the application area of the existing M12 A-coded and 7/8” solutions.


The HARTING Technology Group, family owned and based in Germany, employs more than 4,000 people globally with subsidiaries and branch offices in 40 countries. With production facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States the HARTING portfolio of connectivity solutions focuses on multiple levels, from the machine to the device and into the communication infrastructure.