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HARTING introduces mounting frams for Han 24HPR EasyCon

September 022016
HARTING introduces mounting frams for Han 24HPR EasyCon

September 1, 2016 – HARTING has introduced mounting frames for the Han 24HPR EasyCon and Han 24 HPR enlarged housings that increase their packing density by one-third. With these mounting frames, this series of rugged connectors, used in the rail and mass transit industries in particular, can host up to eight Han-Modular single modules instead of the usual six. The complete Han-Modular series of more than 50 signal and network modules comprises contacts for power, signals, fiber optic communications, coax, D-Sub, and pneumatic transmission. These modules can be combined in many HARTING Han housings to create single-purpose or hybrid connector tailored to each application.

The Han 24HPR EasyCon and Han HPR housings are ideally suited for external electrical interconnection in rail or other vehicles, wet areas or any highly demanding environment. They are IP68-rated with seals that protect against penetration by dust and water and screw interlocks that prevents uncontrolled opening. The Han 24HPR EasyCon is ideal for applications requiring ease of assembly with a two-part housing and abundant cable space. The latter also offers the capability to add additional elements for strain relief or cable shield connection, in consultation with the customer.


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