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Hengstler introduces ACURO AX73 rotary encoder

October 052016
Hengstler introduces ACURO AX73 rotary encoder

October 5, 2016 – Hengstler introduced the ACURO AX73, an optical encoder. The introduction of the AX73 completes the company’s family of ATEX-rated absolute rotary encoders, both optical and magnetic.

Hengstler ACURO-AX73 carries ATEX and IECEx certification for gas and dust explosion proof requirements. However, this advanced optical encoder offers many more features of specific benefit in applications such as winches, cranes, drills and other oil and gas industry equipment, as well as at paint plants, petrochemical facilities, bottling plants and grain mills, for example.

Inherent precision is a characteristic of the ACURO AX73. The optical scanning system provides 22-bit resolution sensor signal for wherever precision or smooth speed regulation is necessary. However, despite its accuracy, the encoder is of robust design, with resistance to shock, vibration and external magnetic fields. In addition, the unit provides users with IP67 protection class rating for the stainless steel housing, and offers an Ex-related ambient temperature range of -40 to +70°C.

The AX73 is seen as the ‘big brother’ of the AX65 introduced by Hengstler last year, with a housing diameter of 76 mm. Available immediately, the AX73 can be ordered with SSI, BiSS-B, BiSS-C and Profibus interfaces.

The introduction of the AX73 now completes Hengstler’s ACURO®-Xproof absolute shaft encoder line. The new AX73 and AX65 offer the special mounting system, while also available are the AX70 and AX71 absolute encoders, as well as the RX70 and RX71incremental variants, with integrated cable.