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HIMatrix safety controller

HIMatrix  safety controller

Uniquely fast, uniquely flexible

HIMatrix solutions combine one of the world’s fastest safety controllers with the fastest safety bus, safeethernet. Developed for applications requiring a few I/O points to several hundred I/O points, HIMatrix features cost-effectiveness and big-system performance. Ideal for networked and time-critical applications, the HIMatrix series of safety-related controllers and remote I/O modules delivers excellent system performance, compactness and easy assembly. The integrated switch makes it possible to use HIMatrix solutions in various network topologies, including line, tree and star structures. Ring structures are also possible. The extensive hardware range and safety-related networking of the systems

via safeethernet guarantee high levels of fl exibility and optimum adaptation to the application requirements. Features such as remote diagnostics via modem or Ethernet/Intranet/Internet contribute to cost-effective solutions.

HIMatrix solutions offer greater performance and flexibility than solutions using conventional safety controllers and relays.

The enhanced performance also allows the realisation of SMR functionalities (Sequence of Events, Multitasking and Reload). In conjunction with the now available redundant safeethernet networking capability, many process applications can now be safeguarded even more effi ciently and economically. System expansions or alterations for smaller applications using HIMatrix

(F60 CPU 03, F35 03, F31 03, F30 03, F10 PCI 03) can now also be carried out online, guaranteeing maximum availability.

  • Certified up to SIL 3, cat. 4 and PLe
  • CENELEC certified up to SIL 4
  • Response time ≤ 5 ms
  • Broad range of controllers and I/O modules
  • Cycle time for a 1K program: approx. 0.002 ms
  • Safety-related networking at 100 MBit/s on standard Ethernet
  • Utilises all Ethernet functions for safety-critical applications
  • Integrated switch for a range of network topologies (line, tree, star) and ring structures
  • For use in Ex-Zone 2
  • Certified function blocks