HMS Industrial Networks upgrades Anybus X-gateways |

HMS Industrial Networks upgrades Anybus X-gateways

HMS Industrial Networks upgrades Anybus X-gateways

May 1, 2014 -  HMS Industrial Networks updates Anybus X-gateway family. The updated version contains several new features, but is fully backwards compatible meaning that existing users can easily upgrade to the new version without hassle.

The X-gateway now comes with a USB interface, enabling users to easily connect the gateway to a PC and configure the network communication via the Windows-based tool “Anybus Configuration Manager.” No programming is necessary.

The updated housing with upright design requires less rack space and enables easier installation in the switching cabinet. The flexible design also allows mounting on the side (flat) similar to the previous version of the X-gateway. Additionally, X-gateway now offers even lower power consumption.

As part of the updated release, HMS introduces connectivity to CC-Link IE Field in the X-gateway family. Furthermore, several of the industrial Ethernet versions now include integrated dual-port Ethernet interfaces with an integrated switch, removing the need for external switches.

Anybus X-gateways help system integrators to easily interconnect any two networks, enabling consistent information flow throughout the entire plant. In today’s industrial installations, one common problem is that there is often more than one control system and industrial network. Most new factory upgrades need to integrate Fieldbus with Industrial Ethernet. Connecting these similar or dissimilar control systems and networks can be a challenge. With over hundreds of  individual Master/Slave and Slave/Slave versions, Anybus X-gateways allows users to connect almost any possible combination of industrial networks.

“This new version of the Anybus X-gateway will provide machine builders, system integrators, OEMs and end users with a modern communication gateway that is very easy to use when it comes to configuration and integration,” comments Markus Bladh, Product Manager at HMS. “The X-gateway product family is a proven and trusted solution already in place in thousands of industrial automation plants. For these existing users, HMS ensures backwards compatibility within their industrial automation systems – keeping the same high performance, reliability and low latency.“

HMS Industrial Networks
HMS Industrial Networks is the leading independent supplier of products for industrial communication including remote management. HMS develops and manufactures solutions for connecting automation devices and systems to industrial networks under the Netbiter, Anybus and IXXAT brands. Development and manufacturing take place at the headquarters in Halmstad, Sweden and in Weingarten, Germany. Local sales and support are handled by branch offices in China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, UK, and USA. HMS employs over 350 people and reported sales of 57 million EUR in 2013. HMS is listed on the NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm.

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