Honeywell introduces surface mount humdity sensors |

Honeywell introduces surface mount humdity sensors

Honeywell introduces surface mount humdity sensors
May 11, 2009 - Honeywell introduced HIH-5030/5031 Series humidity sensor that supports demanding system performance requirements, providing enhanced stability, accuracy, and response time over the entire humidity range of 0~100% RH.

The HIH-5030/5031 Series includes a Surface Mount Device (SMD) product on tape and reel that allows for use in automated, high-volume, lower cost pick-and-place manufacturing (1,000 units per reel), reducing lead misalignment to printed circuit board through-holes. Low supply voltage (down to 2.7 vdc) and low current draw often allows for use in low drain, battery operated systems. Additionally, the HIH-5030/5031 Series' accuracy, interchangeability, response time, and stability may contribute to cost savings over the life of the product.

The HIH-5030/3031 Series complements Honeywell's existing HIH-4030/4031 Series of SMD humidity sensors. The Series consists of Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)-based humidity sensors that use capacitive technology to provide an analog voltage output in a solderable SMD package. The sensing element's multi-layer construction provides enhanced resistance to most application hazards such as condensation, dust, dirt, oils, and common environmental chemicals.

The HIH-5030 is a covered integrated circuit humidity sensor. The HIH-5031 is a covered, condensation-resistant, integrated circuit humidity sensor that is factory-fitted with a hydrophobic filter allowing it to be used in many condensing environments.

HIH-5030/5031 Series humidity sensors' potential industrial applications include air compressors and drying equipment, battery-powered systems, HVAC, OEM assemblies, process equipment, and refrigeration.

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