Honeywell launches Symphonite portfolio of production management software |

Honeywell launches Symphonite portfolio of production management software

September 082016
Honeywell launches Symphonite portfolio of production management software

September 8, 2016  ̶  Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) announced the launch of Symphonite, a portfolio of supply chain and production management software services designed to boost supply chain reliability, responsiveness, agility and efficiency for a range of manufacturing industries.

Bringing together existing technologies with new product releases into one integrated portfolio, Symphonite software and services offer an end-to-end solution for oil and gas, refining, and mining, metals and minerals industries. Solutions cover every link in the chain across production management, planning, shipping, production accounting and reconciliation, helping to drive better business decisions.

Symphonite is broadly grouped into two areas: Supply Chain solutions, covering key processes such as integrated and production planning, crude assay management, blending, supply and distribution planning, and supply and demand balances; and Production Management solutions, covering processes such as management of the shipment lifecycle, production recording and accounting, inventory management, downtime analysis, material tracking, transport logistics and production allocations.

The portfolio encompasses Honeywell’s proven production and supply chain solutions, including SAND, ASSAY2 and BLEND, Production Manager, Downtime Reporter and Port Marine Manager, adding a number of new software releases:

  • Refinery and Petrochemical Modeling System (RPMS) R510 enables users to optimize profitability through better decisions about when, where and what to produce, RPMS R510 delivers faster model solution times, reduced planning cycle times and a more intuitive user interface.
  • Capacity and Distribution Planner (CDP) R230 is Honeywell’ solution for modelling supply, production and distribution problems. With a range of new features, CDP R230 improves production and inventory forecasting, demand and supply balances, and plan vs. actual analysis to enhance collaboration and capture opportunities across the supply chain.
  • Production Accounting and Reconciliation 2000 (PAR2000) introduces an integrated graphical workflow with best in class statistical solver to significantly reduce the time for closing accounting balances. Accelerating availability of reconciled production data, it improves decision-making and detection of unaccounted losses.

About Honeywell Process Solutions

Honeywell Process Solutions is a pioneer in automation control, instrumentation and services for the oil and gas; refining; pulp and paper; industrial power generation; chemicals and petrochemicals; biofuels; life sciences; and metals, minerals and mining industries. It is also a leader in providing software solutions and instrumentation that help manufacturers find value and competitive advantage in digital transformation through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)