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HS Motion announces stepIM stepper motors

September 292015
HS Motion announces stepIM stepper motors

September 29, 2015 - HS Motion announces stepIM stepper motors that have an integrated magnetic 12 bit absolute encoder and an update rate of 16 kHz, ensuring accurate positioning and optimal torque utilization at any speed. stepIM provides a solution for applications that require the performance of a servo at the price level of a stepper.

The closed loop commutation significantly enhances the performance of the stepper motors, when compared to conventional open loop control. The integrated electronics control the stepper motor as a two phase BLDC motor, implementing position, velocity, and DQ current control loops, as well as advanced control algorithms. 

stepIM is available in several sizes: NEMA 23 in three lengths and NEMA 34 in two lengths. Its operating voltage ranges from 14 to 48 VDC. Depending on motor length, the torque ranges from 1Nm to 7Nm. Furthermore, stepIM offers four digital inputs, two digital outputs and one analog input. stepIM controls the axis via CANopen fieldbus according to CiA 402 protocol, and supports six standard CANopen modes of operation: profile position, profile velocity, torque profile, homing, and cyclic synchronous position.