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iCAL LC12 - The ultimate Loop Calibrator

iCAL LC12 - The ultimate Loop Calibrator
Masibus LC 12 Loop Calibrator is designed to provide base accuracy of 0.02% of Reading in all modes of operation. LC 12 has simultaneous Source and Sense capability with independent parameter and range selection for source and sense, also the source and sense circuits are isolated from each other, 2W simulate and Read/Power are unique features for Loop testing and calibration. LC 12 has been designed to give maximum Battery life on full charge, 18 hrs in measure only and 8 hrs with 12 mA source, the backlight is adjustable for power saving and the display can be programmed to automatically switch off when not in use.
Automatic switch test, step/ramp output with Auto/Man selection, data logging, Max/Min/Average values, scaling to Engineering units and filter settings enhances the use of LC 12 and makes it multifunctional.
LC 12 comes with a Mini USB connector for charging, logged data retrieval and firmware upgrade, standard accessories provided patch cables, charger, USB cable, instruction manual, logged data retrieval software CD and calibration certificate, all in a attractive carrying case.