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igus announces update to Robolink D modular robotic kit

igus announces update to Robolink D modular robotic kit

May 25, 2016 - igus has updated the Robolink D modular robotic kit with strain wave gearings in two installation sizes. The gearing, available as an individual component, or with integrated NEMA motor, consists of an outer ring gear and flexible, wear-resistant inner ring gear made from self-lubricating, wear resistant iglide plastic.

The Robolink system is completely modular. Robolink D offers users the ability to assemble custom robotic systems for a range of applications. Separate joints, which are motor-driven directly on the axis, are available in a range of installation sizes. A new complete, 6-axis arm with strain wave gearing is also available, along with universal gripper adaptors, which allow the attachment of a range of different grippers on the Robolink D joints.

Additionally, a new online configurator is available to let users configure and assemble custom Robolink D joints. Motors, encoders, cabling, and other accessories are also available. 

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