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IIS adds sercos to EMC-2100 Emerald Automation Controller

February 222013
IIS adds sercos to EMC-2100 Emerald Automation Controller

February 22, 2013 - IIS adds sercos to EMC-2100 Emerald Automation Controller. Two SERCOS interface options are available for the Emerald Automation Controller: Sercos II and Sercos III.

With the SERCOS II Automation Network, a fiber optic cable network option is available for compatibility with Emerald Drive series of servo products.  Users of a SERCOS II network will see an increase in processing power over the legacy EMC-2005 controller model. 

The SERCOS III Automation Network provides a four-fold improvement in update rates over the SERCOS II network.  SERCOS III gives an increased response to the real-time servo drive functionality and associated I/O devices. 

The Emerald Automation Controller is an open architecture high performance multi-axis motion controller designed for demanding applications that require close synchronization of up to 32 servo axes, I/O and auxiliary equipment. The Emerald Automation Controller is powerful enough to execute all of the control functions required in a production environment, thereby eliminating the need for additional control devices such as a PLC.

Emerald motion control technologies include indexing, positioning, complex motion trajectories, high speed registration, electronic gearing, electronic cams and programmable limit-switch functions.

Software: Emerald Motion Language(EML) developed specifically for high performance automation systems, along with the Emerald Development Environment (EDE) programming tools, provide all that is needed to produce quality application programs for today’s advanced systems.

SERCOS III SERCOS II Position Loop Scanning rate 250 µseconds 500 µseconds Axis/device capacity 32 32 Connectivity Ethernet, DeviceNet, USB, Rs232 Ethernet, DeviceNet, USB, Rs232 I/O capacity 512 points 512 points Memory 8 Mbyte 8 Mbyte Processor 752 MIPS 752 MIPS
EMC-2100 with SERCOS III
EMC-2100 with SERCOS II