Impress Sensors announces LMK 806 ceramic level sensors |

Impress Sensors announces LMK 806 ceramic level sensors

September 112014
Impress Sensors announces LMK 806 ceramic level sensors

September 11, 2014 - Impress Sensors & Systems announces LMK 806 slimline (21mm diameter) submersible plastic level sensors for continuous level measurement in confined spaces and small-size boreholes.

With a diameter of 21mm, the LMK 806 is for hydrostatic level measurement of wastewater and other aggressive media, particularly where the sensor needs to be mounted inside a confined space such as an existing small size borehole, ¾” pipe or tube. Typical applications include wastewater treatment plants, chemical dosing stations, sewage lift stations, water recycling plants, storage tanks and landfill sites.

LMK 806 level sensors benefit from a PVC housing that provides maximum media compatibility and protection from virtually any aggressive media, including most acids and strong alkalis. Different cable materials (e.g. PVC, PUR, FEP) and seals are available to suit a range of different media.

The sensing technology on the LMK 806 series is a flush-mounted ceramic sensing element, which provides high reliability in long-term installations. Reliability is further enhanced by a nose cone, which when removed, exposes the flush diaphragm. This allows the sensor to be easily cleaned and any solid media removed, thus preventing clogging.

Nominal pressure ranges are from 0…6mWG up to 0…200mWG. Accuracy is +/-0.5% FSO to IEC 60770 and so includes all setting errors, making this a high accuracy level-measuring instrument. The sensor provides excellent linearity, long-term stability and a high level of electrical protection (emission and immunity according to EN 61326) to prevent damage once the unit is installed in the field. Output signal is 2-wire, 4…20mA.