Industrial Andons releases Virtual Andon software |

Industrial Andons releases Virtual Andon software

June 272014
Industrial Andons releases Virtual Andon software

June 27, 2014 - Industrial Andons developed a software based “Virtual Andon” program that can be loaded on any Window’s 7 or newer Windows device.

The Virtual Andon can be integrated with hardware-based andon systems and passes data to Industrial Andons’ Shop Floor View web based tracking and monitoring system. Up to 16 different individual switches can be configured to alert and track unique issues and occurrences. Additional data can be tagged to the andon calls for further tracking, analysis and quicker resolution.

The Virtual Andon can easily add non-manufacturing areas like Engineering, Quality, Sales or Testing to improve overall value stream visibility.

Visit Industrial Andons at Booth: 4447 in the IANA hall at IMTS 2014

Computer Based Andon Station

  • The virtual andon is a program that you install on your Windows computers. When you click on a button, it will light up and show how long the button has been on and sends a signal to our Shop Floor View Web System just like our physical andon lights.
  • You can add additional data tags to the andon signals that are sent with the calls and stored to the Shop Floor View System.
  • Can be used to send a signal to a physical wifi enabled light to turn the light on as long as it’s on the same network
  • Can be used to monitor and record issues across your full value stream outside of manufacturing
  • Can be used at workstations that have PC’s