Industrial Video & Control releases AMZ-HD41-2 video camera |

Industrial Video & Control releases AMZ-HD41-2 video camera

October 152015
Industrial Video & Control releases AMZ-HD41-2 video camera

October 15, 2015 – Industrial Video & Control announced AMZ-HD41-2 compact, industrial video camera, designed and certified for use in hazardous environments. This heavy-duty camera offers 1080p resolution and excellent performance in a range of lighting conditions.

Class I Division 1 certified video cameras work in areas where ignitable concentrations of gases or liquids exist. Devices classified as Class I Division 1 must also be intrinsically safe, incapable of causing ignition of a mixture of flammable or combustible material. IVC’s line of Class I Division 1 video cameras meets this rigid standard. The AMZ-HD41-2 was tested and certified by Intertek.

Manufactured in the United States, the AMZ-HD41-2 is an HD, color video IP camera. It includes a 3x motor-driven optical zoom and a wide dynamic range for quality images in varying light conditions. It’s housed in a heavy-duty, cast aluminum, weatherproof enclosure suitable for hostile environments. A stainless steel enclosure option is also available.

The AMZ-HD41-2 works with IVC’s video management software offerings including the IVC Relay Server and Longwatch camera management software. The camera also integrates easily with 3rd party video security systems or can be operated through a user’s SCADA system.


“With the introduction of the AMZ-HD41-2, we are continuing our customer commitment to deliver a range of certified video cameras that perform exceptionally well in harsh or hazardous conditions,” said Norm Fast, CEO of IVC. “Our certified cameras make it possible for customers in a range of industries – from aerospace and manufacturing to petrochemical and water/wastewater – to improve operator awareness and ensure the safety of personnel.”

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