Inelta introduces ILAT series of LVDT sensors |

Inelta introduces ILAT series of LVDT sensors

Inelta introduces ILAT series of LVDT sensors

June 30, 2017 – The Inelta ILAT Series Miniature LVDT Sensors provide measurements of position and path in the range of single-digit millimeters.  The sensors of this series are available in Models ILAT 2, ILAT4 and ILAT10 for the exact measurements of ±1 mm, ±2 mm or ±5 mm traveling distances. Owing to their dimensions with a housing length of 79 mm and a diameter of 8 mm at a weight of 30 g (including cable), the sensors will navigate within tight-fitting conditions.

Because of the inductive LVDT principle (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), in which a coil within the sensor with a primary winding and two secondary windings transforms the linear motions of the measuring sensor contact-free into a single electronic signal, the ILAT Sensors operate free from wear and provide a linearity tolerance of <0.25%. They are also available with an even smaller linearity tolerance of <0.1%.

Even with their dimensions, the ILAT Sensors are distinguished by their design with a stainless-steel housing in protection class IP65 – optionally also in IP67.  Nominal temperature rating is 0° – 70°C.   The carefully designed linear guiding operates by virtue of a locking mechanism of the probe and can provide more than 10 million cycles.  These sensors are suitable for many applications, including medical technology, engineering, agriculture and navigation up to testing facilities or manufacture of special purpose machinery. 

Fitting the ILAT Path Sensors are the Inelta external sensor amplifiers IMA2-LVDT, available for signals in the ranges of 0..5V, 0..10V, ±5V, ±10V, 0/4..20mA and ISM-LVDT for 0…10V- or 0..20mA signals.