Innovative Coal Ash Level Sensing with Gamma Ray |

Innovative Coal Ash Level Sensing with Gamma Ray

Innovative Coal Ash Level Sensing with Gamma Ray
​• Data Output Options
• ROHS Certification
​• Ex Certification
Power Input Options
• Applicable Temperature Range Selections

• Measuring Sensitivity Range Selections1. Positioned completely outside the hopper unit having absolutely no contact with the coal ash materials
​a. Easy to install, no need to drill a hole in the hopper or pressure tank
b. Long lasting, the sensor will not be damaged by falling ashes
c. Very accurate, measurements are not affected by ash built up on the wall or high temperatures

​2. Does not require the use of a radioactive source material

​3. Installation and maintenance can be performed during regular plant operation so no shut down time required

4. Long lasting and durable, Ecrystal sensors can last up to 10 years.
a. With no depleting parts, such as an additional radioactive source material, sensors has extremely low maintenance costs.

​​5. Provides extremely accurate ash level readings.
a. Able to differentiate between the ash sumps built up on the container wall and the actual accumulated ashes inside the container to provide accurate ash level readings
b. Able to differentiate between the fly ash content and the actual accumulated ash content to provide accurate ash level readings

6. Able to function very well in harsh working environments.
​a. Operating temperature range of -49 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.
b. Sturdy stainless steel construction with a fully enclosed protective casing that meets the IP66 international protection rating.
c. Capable of operating with an input voltage range from 85 to 265 volts.

7. Can be used to measure a broad range of materials, including:
a. Material with radioactive levels higher than the background environment such as coal ash, cinder, asphalt and cement.
b. Material with no radioactivity or less radioactivity than the background environment such as water.
c.  Material with a weak radioactive signal equal to the background environment such as stone and minerals.
d. Material interface, able to distinguish where radioactive and non-radioactive material meet such as an ash and water barrier.

8. Designed with a wireless remote for easy adjustment of the parameter settings
​a. Packaged with set pre-programed initial settings and future adjustments can be made at the sensor or by using the remote control or monitors
b. Very easy to set up and can be adjusted right at the sensor, with the remote control or through the remote monitors

9. Analog measurement data.
a. Provides an analog output of the ash volume percentage or the ash volume level.
b. The analog data reflects the changing level of ash, which provides valuable information to improve the overall operating efficiency.

10. Self test feature, verifying the correct function of the following:
a. The correct inside voltage supply.
b. The sensor is operating inside an acceptable temperature range.
c. The device is properly grounded.
d. The 24 Volt external power supply is functioning correctly.
e. The analog product output is between 4 and 20 mA.
f. The sensor output is operating normally.