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Innovative HMI Visualisation Solutions

February 232016

HMI's Extract Valuable Data From Inside the Machine

Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology provides a visual interface solution to control, monitor and diagnose, ensuring that machines, plant and complex processes run smoothly and efficiently.


HMI visualisation solutions enable easy operation and monitoring of manufacturing processes, providing better visibility and greater efficiency.

  • Extract valuable data from inside the machine
  • Show operators and maintenance technicians what is really happening
  • Simplify machine set-up & operation with interactive instructions and prompting
  • Reduce cost and effort to make changes and improvements to operator controls, compared to traditional buttons and meters
  • Built-in driver support for a wide range of PLCs, as well as other types of automation devices

Quality HMI Visualisation Solutions for Every Machine

Weintek is a leading global HMI manufacturer dedicated to the development, design and manufacturing of HMI technology. Engineered to meet increasingly complex processes, they focus on quality, innovative R&D and customer satisfaction to efficiently integrate into automation systems.

  • Compatible with the biggest names in PLCs: add your choice of HMI to an existing PLC
  • Over 250 PLC drivers available, including vendor-specific support such as the AB Data Type editor
  • Serial and Ethernet connectivity
  • Protocol conversion

As the Australian partner, we have access to the complete range. How can we help you meet your control needs?

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Superstar HMI: Weintek cMT CloudHMI Series

Weintek HMI

Breaking through the traditional architecture of HMI, the cMT cloud HMI is separated into a server device cMT-SVR and a display panel device cMT-iV5.

The cMT-SVR server device connects with a PLC for protocol conversion, data logging, event logging, recipe, database maintenance, macro commands execution and more. The visualisation function is perfectly integrated using your choice of display device, through powerful software.

Supports Multiple Touch Panel Devices

Supports more than 250 communication drivers that enable it to easily connect to machines and access data. Monitor and control using various devices:

  • iPad and Android tablets
  • Panel PC’s (Windows OS)
  • Weintek cMT-iV5 panel display

Wireless tablet devices enable operators to remotely monitor machines from anywhere on the plant floor.

Modbus Communication Gateway

Modbus is the most widely used communication protocol in industrial automation applications and most SCADA system supports this protocol. With Modbus, your plants SCADA system can easily communicate with serial devices.

Browse the Weintek cMT Series below and purchase online.

cMT-iV5 cMT-SVR-360-X270

          Weintek cMT-iV5

          Weintek cMT-SVR

But wait, there's more!

Remote Access from Anywhere with EasyAccess 2.0

EasyAccess 2.0

Access and manage your HMI from anywhere in the world with EasyAccess 2.0. Operators can remotely access devices via a VPN network, to diagnose the status of machines without being present on site. A secure 128-bit SSL encryption ensures protection and reliability when transmitting data and information.

Already own a Weintek HMI? Then register with Weintek before 31st March, 2016 to receive a free activation licence for EasyAccess 2.0.


Connect to One Device with Pass-Through

The pass-through programming function enables control of a PLC via the HMI, using almost any PLC editing software.

> View the Weintek Pass-Through Function Guide

Technical Consultation & Integration Services

Our team of in-house specialists will support you with business and technical expertise, delivering solutions that incorporate the latest technology.

  • Needs Analysis
  • System Design
  • Programming & Configuration
  • Networking
  • PLC / SCADA / MES Integration

Equipped with PLC and HMI knowledge for data-rich applications, our team is experienced with the creation of program logic to handle many applications.

Contact our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 94 15 32 or email [email protected] for more information, or for a quote.