InSequence announces AndonNV network visualization app |

InSequence announces AndonNV network visualization app

November 012016
InSequence announces AndonNV network visualization app

November 1, 2016 – Insequence announced the release of AndonNV, a Network Visualization and notification system that allows users to query data to extract various preconfigured information from any single plant in a customer’s enterprise as well as be notified when priority issues arise. The product is the first in Insequence’s SPD Pro flagship product suite to be available in an Android app for phones and tablets with an iOS app currently in development.

For 20+ years Insequence has provided their SPD Pro Just in Sequence and Manufacturing solutions to their customers across North America and now South America and Europe as well. Many of their clients use SPD Pro in a few or many of their facilities spanned across these regions. As SPD Pro implementations have expanded further and further across customer’s enterprises, the need for a mechanism in which to streamline information to a single location became apparent and this led to the creation of AndonNV.

AndonNV monitors and harvests data to check the state of Insequence SPD Pro applications, hardware, CPUs, torque devices and receives informational data from 3rd party companies while alerting the user to priority issues. High level leadership, whether they be corporate or at the plant level, off-site or on-site, can check their PC, phone or tablet to see that their plant(s) status is good.

If there is an issue, they will be alerted via a notification if the program is closed on their device or a highlighted red area indicating an issue if the program is open. If the user is running the app on a device capable of making calls, they may access a menu which allows them to directly call either a local contact or Insequence support.

The user may create monitoring groups of their systems within specific regions, monitor a single server or several servers within the same plant or spread across the entire enterprise. Insequence is currently offering free webinars and web demonstrations of AndonNV for those wishing to learn more.