INSYS releases MRX industrial routers |

INSYS releases MRX industrial routers

INSYS releases MRX industrial routers

July 6, 2015 - INSYS releases MRX industrial routers. Two basic versions, MRX LTE (4G) and MRX LAN, are available in two different sizes covering three (MRX3) or five slots (MRX5). The LAN version offers five LAN ports for variable network assignment and a power module with two digital inputs. The 4G version additionally features two antenna sockets for enhanced bandwidth as needed (MIMO).

Two slot cards are available: MRXcard ES with a 4-port-switch and MRXcard PL with 4G and two digital inputs. All 4G modules are downward compatible for 3G and 2G support.

The profile manager allows for easy configuration changes and configuration tests, and if necessary, the return to previous configurations. Parallel saving of multiple configurations is also enabled. Switching to a different configuration can be automatically triggered by various events such as a manual key switch. Several parallel VPN tunnels can be established and remote maintenance access profiles can be isolated via a VPN tunnel firewall. For local network safety, LAN ports can be assigned to up to five different IP networks (WAN or LAN).

The MRX series can be operated with the VPN service INSYS Connectivity Service. 

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