INSYS upgrades MoRoS industrial routers with more RAM |

INSYS upgrades MoRoS industrial routers with more RAM

August 252015
INSYS upgrades MoRoS industrial routers with more RAM

August 25, 2015 - INSYS upgrades MoRoS industrial routers by adding 54 MB of RAM. Amounting to a 68 percent performance boost, the extra RAM primarily benefits customer-specific applications and processes started in the standard integrated Linux sandbox. In addition, regular router operations, such as communication via VPN connections, are also executed at faster speeds. Router prices remain the same.

Each MoRoS combines the functions of a modem, router and a 10/100 MBit/s switch with up to five ports for Ethernet devices, depending on the model. Dial-in and dial-out functionality enables maintenance, configuration and remote access to connected devices. Permanent, time-controlled or dial-in connections are supported. The router can also be configured to send notifications via e-mail (or optionally text messages in the case of MoRoS devices for mobile networks) to alert users to pre-defined status changes.

MoRoS routers are available for various communication networks ranging from 3G and 2G to LAN, PSTN, ISDN, and ADSL. The Linux-based operating system, an integrated firewall and VPN functionality ensure optimum security. Optional use of the INSYS Connectivity Service, a VPN system by INSYS icom, ensures especially easy setup and commissioning of a VPN solution. MoRoS routers can also be used with the Monitoring App, which enables monitoring, remote access and visualisation of connections with Siemens S7 and Modbus TCP/RTU devices.

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