Integrity Security Services announces Security Solutions |

Integrity Security Services announces Security Solutions

April 20, 2015 —Integrity Security Services (ISS) announced its end-to-end IoT Security Solutions addressing both device and key management infrastructure required for secure embedded development. The Embedded Cryptographic Toolkit (ECT) is a complete set of standards-based, platform-agnostic security protocols with a FIPS 140-2 compliant, Suite B, cryptographic algorithm library for the protection of device software, data, and communication. The Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) System is an enterprise key management infrastructure for securing the manufacturing and management of cryptographic devices.

DLM uses industry-recognized standards for the high-assurance management of keys and operations across multiple product lines and distributed production environments. Engineering, manufacturing, and IT deparents use DLM to securely generate software signatures, certificates and unique device keys for all their security products.

Embedded Cryptographic Toolkits combined with the Green Hills Integrity operating system add an additional level of encryption, authentication, and reliability, protecting critical on-board resources from software failure and cyber security attacks.

Security Solutions enable IoT devices to:

  • Communicate securely without trusting the network
  • Ensure software is not tampered
  • Encrypt critical data
  • Operate reliably
  • Remotely update software

The rapid growth of new embedded devices servicing the automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial control, medical, mobility, consumer electronics and networking markets will require unique IP addresses and therefore provide new targets to be spoofed and attacked. This connectivity explosion mandates a focus on securing the smallest embedded component to the largest data center throughout its lifecycle.