Isel USA introduces LES 5 ball screw actuator |

Isel USA introduces LES 5 ball screw actuator

December 052016
Isel USA introduces LES 5 ball screw actuator

December 5, 2016 – Isel USA introduced the Heavy-Duty Stage model LES 5. It is constructed from a single aluminum extrusion profile that is 225mm wide and capable of handling heavy-cantilevered loads. The single piece profile makes the slide more rigid against torsion and cantilevered loads. The LES 5 features integral dust covers that do not take away from travel and an internal motor mounting option that both protects the motor and saves in the overall length of the actuator. The internal motor mounting kit allows for longer travel with shorter overall lengths. The LES 5 design is available in travels from 40 mm (1.5”) to 2722 mm (107.2”) in X, XY or XYZ configurations. The LES 5 is made to be versatile with T-slots on three sides for mounting options.

The slide features a number of options that make it easy to apply to various applications:

  • Travels from 1.5” to 107”
  • Ball screw pitches of 2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm or 20mm
  • Internal or external motor mounting
  • A variety of bearing plates for XY or XYZ configurations assembly

All models are fit with four precision steel rails, four recirculating ball bearing blocks, home reference and end limit switches. Customers can choose from inline or internal stepper motors or servomotors. The ball screws provide play free motion as well. 3D models are available on the web.